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Signal, WhatsApp, Wire, Keybase_

For secure messaging and calling, use an end-to-end encrypted app


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_FOR END-TO-END ENCRYPTED video, voice calls, and text messaging on mobile and desktop, we recommend Signal and WhatsApp. Both of these tools implement the Signal protocol — an encryption protocol that is audited for potential vulnerabilities by an open and active developer community. Additionally, Wire is an open source end-to-end encrypted messenger that is especially powerful for team collaboration. Keybase is another favorite for teams; the platform supports end-to-end encrypted messaging and file sharing between group members, for free.

Every platform implements encryption differently, and has a different stance toward user privacy. Because end-to-end encryption only works when both parties to a conversation are on the same platform, it’s helpful to inform your tool choice based on tradeoffs between privacy (e.g, how much conversation metadata is available to the service provider) and availability (e.g, how likely is it that your source/community uses the service).

Remember, if your phone or computer are hacked, encryption will not secure your communications. Follow our mobile and desktop hardening guides to protect against malware.

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Get started with Signal for end-to-end encrypted messaging

This all-purpose introduction to Signal is a great start.

Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Locking Down Signal guide provides introductory and expert-level instructions for at-risk Signal users.

Want to use Signal, but don’t want to use it with your personal number for privacy reasons? Here’s how you can set up Signal without giving up your phone number.

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Use WhatsApp for secure communications

This introduction to WhatsApp features recommendations catered to the security-conscious.

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Download and start using Wire

Learn how to get started with Wire in this guide for beginners.

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Get yourself — and the rest of your team — set up on Keybase

At installation, Keybase’s intuitive interface walks you through the account setup process.

Ready to start sharing files securely on Keybase? Read up on the ins and outs.