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_SECURITY THINKING SHOULD be at the forefront of every film project, beginning at the initial states of pre-production. Making arrangements for your team's digital security is just one part of a holistic security practice. In addition to establishing a digital security plan, consider what your needs are in terms of legal support and physical security.

Turn to the following organizations for legal support, physical security, and/or rapid response resources:

International digital rights organization

24-hr Digital Security Helpline

American civil liberties organization

Know Your Rights resources

International press freedom advocacy organization

Journalist security guide

Latin American digital rights organization

Legal and policy analysis

International advocacy group for —and run by— freelancers

Physical, digital, psychological security resources

United States press freedom advocacy organization

Legal defense hotline

International freelance media advocacy organization

Freelance journalist resources

International advocacy, education, and technology organization for mediamakers

Resources, guides, tech tools, and advocacy for filmmakers and photographers