by Laura Poitras

_I INITIATED THIS PROJECT to address the need in the documentary field for a navigable digital security guide. A resource tool that addresses the needs of different risk and skill levels, and that adapts as technology changes.

This project is a collaboration between Freedom of the Press Foundation and Field of Vision. We have sought to make this a useful tool for filmmakers with a range of digital security knowledge. Each section begins with a strategic overview, followed by recommendations organized by Risk Level, Skill Level, Time Cost, and Financial Cost.

Many people contributed to this collaboration. Olivia Martin is the project coordinator. In addition, Vincent Abruzzo, Erinn Clark, Allegra Denton, Harlo Holmes, David Huerta, Micah Lee, Fei Liu, Mackenzie Lukenbill, Olivia Martin, Kunal Mehta, Henrik Moltke, Catherine Seo, and Martin Shelton each contributed their invaluable expertise.

Enormous gratitude to Lyric Cabral, Yance Ford, and Ed Ou, whose documentary experiences provided critical depth to our project.

We want to thank the Electronic Frontier Foundation for their pioneering work on Surveillance Self-Defense, which we link to throughout.

This is a living guide and will be updated as technology changes. If you have corrections or additions you would like us to include, please contact us at corrections@digitalsecurity.film.

If you have further technical questions, or are a filmmaker who would like one-one-one or newsroom digital security training, you can contact Freedom of the Press Foundation.